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Some common disqualifications and how to spot them

Blind Eye

Also pertains to clouded corena, wall-eye, or spots on the eye. This is usually a white or discolored spot on or under the surface of the eye. It can happen when a rabbit is dropped, and the eye is scraped against something, or even in the animal's own cage on a piece of straw or the corner of a metal feed hopper. Sometimes the eye may have a bluish-gray tinge as well.

Diseases and malformities
Ear canker (ear mites)
Slobbers (excess saliva sometimes caused by malaligned teeth)
Pot belly (caused by worms or overfeeding)
Abcesses or tumors (lumps on or under the skin)
Vent disease (red, scabby patches in the vent area)
Mange (large patches of bare skin)
Scales on the skin or base of fur (possibly skin mites)
Infestation of fleas, mites, or lice
Hernias (lump in the groin or stomach area)
Abnormal eye discharge (mucous)
Cow-hocked (crooked legs)
Torn ear
Wrong or odd-colored eyes (check breed standard)
Pigeon breasted (narrow chest with protruding breastbone)
Screw tail (tail twisted to the side)
Sore hocks (red and inflamed skin on the kind feet)
White spots on colored coats
Colored hairs on white fur
Wrong under-color (the soft fur close to the skin)
Vicious animals
Cold (discharge from the nose and eyes)
Illegible tattoo (unclear, or tattooed over)
Tattoo in wrong ear (left instead of right ear)
Overweight or underweight (check breed standard)
Undescended testicles in bucks (showing one or none)
Rabbit entered in wrong sex, breed, group or variety
Missing or broken teeth
Missing toenails
Wrong colored toenails (dark on light rabbit, or vice versa)

Malocclused teeth (crooked or overgrown)
This can be either a geneticaly inherited trait (in which case the animal should not be bred, because its offspring may also recieve the bad gene), because the rabbit was not given something to chew on and its teeth became overgrown, or because of trauma to the teeth. This sometimes happens to a rabbit that likes to chew on the bars of its cage; the teeth may be pulled out of alignment after time.

Properly aligned teeth

Altering of appearance
This includes any dying, plucking, trimming or otherwise tampering done to the rabbit by the owner in order to enhance the animal's appearance. Products such as silicone-based Horse Showman cannot be used on the coat to enhance it either. A good rabbit will look good without any special coatings!

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